Cardano is a Proof Of Stake (POS) blockchain.  Trust is at the core of how a POS operates to ensure the resiliency and security of the network.  At Cardano HODL , we will share on a monthly basis all key performance and payout metrics to participating pool members to provide full transparency to pool participants.


We have a focused commitment to ensure as a service provider, we maximize the amount of staking opportunities available to you.   We realize you have many options in regards to where you can stake your coins, therefore we accept that responsibility with great care.


The release of Shelly will transition the Cardano blockchain from being centralized to fully decentralized.  CardanoHODL is one of many stake pool operators that will be responsible for validating transactions on the network and thus receiving stake rewards for our pool participants.

What Does It Mean to Stake?

Cardano provides a proof of stake protocol that incentivizes participants in the network for merely owning ADA tokens.  Staking your coins provide you the opportunity to earn additional ADA as a reward.  Utilizing the Cardano protocol and staking mechanism, we provide  a risk-fee method to stake your coins.